St Joseph's Catholic School


St Joseph's Catholic School is committed in supporting students to become successful learners; confident and creative individuals; active and informed citizens.    

Fundamental to teaching and learning at St Joseph's School is:

  • Respect for individual dignity and uniqueness.
  • Provision of a wealth of opportunities for the holistic development of the child.
  • A balanced focus on cognitive, affective, social, professional, ethical and spiritual aspects.
  • Encouragement for every pupil to develop their talents, in a climate of cooperation and solidarity.
  • The promotion of research as a rigorous commitment towards truth with an openness of mind and heart. 
  • Respect of ideas, openness to dialogue, the ability to interact and work together in a spirit of freedom and care.   

Our school based programs are developed to meet the interests, needs and abilities of all students. Continuous monitoring of children's progress informs our planning. Teachers are supported in providing an exciting and relevant curriculum through staff professional development, networking and collaborative planning time.


The Australian Curriculum has been used as a basis for staff to develop programs in Learning Areas of Religion, Mathematics, English, Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, The Arts, Technologies, Health and Physical Education and Languages.

  • Religious Education

    St Joseph’s Mundingburra is a community of faith, based on Gospel values and the charism of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop. We aim to educate students in Catholic beliefs and tradition and together with the local church community invite students to join the Parish of St Mary MacKillop.  We at all times encourage and support faith development and we are faithful to the Catholic Church teachings and traditions. As parents are the first educators in faith, the school welcomes their participation in all areas of religious education and the religious life of the school, as well as actively supporting the Parish sacramental program.

    Through the Religion Learning Area we hope to teach each student to see and understand the wonder and compassion of God. The Religion curriculum is divided into the four strands – Sacred Texts, Church, Christian Life and Beliefs. As well as imparting Religious knowledge, we have a strong focus on guiding students to live the school motto "Love is Service”.   Prayer, liturgy and Christian meditation are part of our everyday school life. Prayer Assemblies are held every week and families are encouraged to be actively involved in all prayer and liturgical celebrations.


  • English

    The English Curriculum has a strong focus on Literature.  St Joseph’s Mundingburra has purchased many resources to support this area including Novel and Picture Book sets, online books and a rich assortment of reading books and kits to engage students.

    Many English tasks are centred around a topic study in Science or HASS and make the study of English meaningful and enjoyable.



  • Mathematics

    Students in Years 2 to 6 have access to the online HOTmaths program through their purchase of the Cambridge Primary Maths text book.  The program, which can be accessed both at school and at home, supports children with their learning in Mathematics. 

    Mathematics is another area that has been richly resourced in all year levels to ensure students have hands on experiences to make connections and consolidate learning.



  • Science

    In recent years St Joseph's has placed a strong emphasis on the teaching of Science in all year levels using the Australian Academy of Science’s Primary Connections program.  This program is designed to engage students in the four disciplines of Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Sciences and Biology with the 5E Inquiry Model – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate.

    The school now has 2 Scientists in Schools Partnerships – an Antarctic Biologist and a Quality Assurance Analyst working in Computer Sciences.  These scientists are in long term partnerships with the school and visit classes or work with groups to enthuse students in science and to provide a genuine link to up to date contemporary science for our students and teachers. 

    STEM Club, which provides after school hands on activities for budding scientists, operates each term.  The school is part of the STEM Professionals in Schools program run by CSIRO.  The school partners with professionals who work in STEM industries and they visit to help with STEM Club and classroom lessons.                                     



  • Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

    Teachers at St Joseph’s Mundingburra have embraced the HASS Curriculum. HASS at St Joseph’s involves connections within the school, local area and wider community wherever possible. In the early years the units are focused on individuals, families and the school community. In Year 2, the students start exploring the wider community with a study of Anderson's Gardens. In Year 3, they explore further afield with a study of Townsville past and present, including an excursion to the Flinder's Street area. In all year levels local community members with knowledge or skills related to our units of study are invited in to classes to share their knowledge and experiences. Some examples of this include local elders coming to speak to Year 4 students about Aboriginal culture and refugees speaking to Year 6 students during their migration unit.  Student experiences are enriched with the use of interactive sites, online resources, practical activities, guest experts and excursions.

                                Year 6 students recording


  • The Arts

    Specialist Music teachers use the Kodaly approach to music for each class.  Students are able to participate in school choirs, recorder group, the instrumental program and the school band.  Each year the school is involved in many cultural activities including the Townsville Eisteddfod, Mulkadee and Parish Community Concerts.


    We have an Art/Science Room for classes to work on Visual Arts, Media Arts, Drama and Craft.  The room has fold away tables, easels and a wide range of resources to cater for all activities including painting, printing, drawing, pastel and charcoal work, modelling, construction and craft.  Each year a range of guest artists are invited to work with students.

    Students engage in Creative Dance lessons throughout specific terms.  Students are introduced to and practice locomotor and nonlocomotor movements and dance steps in relation to dance concepts.  These class dances are performed for the school community.



  • Technologies

    Learning in Digital Technologies focuses on developing student understanding and skills in computational thinking and developing an increasing awareness of how digital systems are used.  By the end of Year 6, students will have had opportunities to create a range of digital solutions, such as games and interactive stories and animations.  Students develop Information and Communication Technology (ICT) capability as they learn to use ICT effectively and appropriately to access, create and communicate information and solve problems in all learning areas at school.  Students have access to a variety of current digital technologies in all classroom and work areas.  These resources are available to enhance the learning process within our school environment and to support student achievement standards.  Learning in Design and Technologies enables students to explore and harness their creative, innovative and imaginative ideas.  Students are provided with opportunities to work individually and collaboratively to identify and sequence steps needed for design tasks.




  • Health and Physical Education (HPE)

    St Joseph's has a specialist PE Teacher who takes each class once a week.  All students attend swimming lessons in either Term 1 or 4 as well as participating in a four week Creative Dance Movement program.  The school is also involved in a number of inter-school sporting activities and invites development officers from a variety of sports to train students.


  • Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

    All children in Years 1 to 3 have Italian lessons while children in Years 4 to 6 have a semester each of Italian and Japanese.


Throughout the year reporting to parents/caregivers will take place in four formal instances

  • Parent/Teacher Interview
    This two way process in which both the parent and teacher discuss the child's development, strengths and weaknesses should occur at the end of Term One or early Term Two.
  • Semester One Written Report
    To be sent home at the end of Term Two and to include reporting on the Achievement Standards from units one and two.
  • Culminating Activity
    At the end of Term Three parents will be invited into the classroom to share with their child his/her achievements and progress throughout the term.
  • Semester Two Written Report
    To be sent home at the end of Term Four and include reporting on the Achievement Standards from units three and four. 


Principal: Mr Justen Orford

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