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Education in Faith

Education in Faith

For the primary school child, 'Education in Faith' takes place in a number of environments.

They are your Family, the School and the Parish.

  • In the family, the child learns to LIVE his/her faith.
  • In school, the child learns to KNOW his/her faith.
  • In the parish the child learns to CELEBRATE his/her faith.

These three environments work hand-in-hand in promoting the overall faith growth of your child.

Religious Education Program

The Learning Area of Religion is taught by all class teachers from Prep to Year 6 for 2.5 hours a week. Class prayer, including Christian Meditation is an integral part of every classroom, every day. Class liturgies and prayer assemblies are the responsibility of the classroom teacher, in consultation with the Assistant to the Principal – Religious Education. Parents are invited to be involved in all aspects of the Religion program at St Joseph’s Mundingburra.

St Joseph’s School actively supports and assists with the sacramental programs initiated by the St Mary MacKillop Parish. Preparation for the sacraments begins in Year 3 with Reconciliation and continues into the following year with Eucharist and Confirmation.