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Choir Programme

Choir Programme

The young musicians of St Joseph's Mundingburra Choirs enjoy participating in choir.

Girls and boys rehearse separately and there is an option for the truly keen singer to also be part of our smaller group "Trebles". The groups perform in many events across the year including:

  • Project Compassion Launch
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Parish Mass
  • St. Joseph's Parish Community Concert
  • Mulkadee
  • Townsville Eisteddfod
  • Sing for the Children Concert

All of our choral groups are unauditioned - ie all interested singers Year 4-6 are invited and welcomed. An enthusiastic and co-operative attitude and commitment to the group is far more important than a great voice or musical skill. It is of benefit to all if we have choirs of singers who really want to be there.

“Joey’s Just Us” - Girl singers Year 4-6
Rehearsals Thursdays 2.40 – 3.20 pm.

“Joey’s Crew” - Boy singers Year 4-6
Rehearsals Wednesdays 2.40 – 3.20 pm.

"Trebles" - Self selected singers Years 5 and 6
Rehearsals Tuesdays 7.40 - 8.15