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St Joseph's 21 Century Library was opened in 2011 and is located between the school office and the OSHC building.

Students in Prep to Year 3 participate in weekly half hour library lessons with the Teacher Librarian. These sessions are designed to engage students in the enjoyment of sharing stories, inspire a love of reading, and teach children strategies for choosing books appropriate to their abilities and interests. Students in Years 4 - 6 participate in an hour library lesson with the Teacher Librarian each fortnight, and book borrowing with their classroom teachers in the alternate week. Library lessons are longer for our older students to allow opportunities for deeper learning around topics such as, but not limited to, the information search process, evaluating information, and in-depth analysis of a range of authors and genres. These sessions ask students to explore, create and think critically. In addition, students are also challenged to broaden their reading horizons under the guidance and encouragement of the Teacher Librarian.

Children are allowed to borrow books weekly as listed below:

Prep : 1 Book
Year 1 : 2 Books
Year 2 : 3 Books
Year 3 : 3 Books
Year 4 : 4 Books
Year 5 : 5 Books
Year 6 : 6 Books

The library is open at lunchtime each week day and the students have access to the internet for research and can use the library ipads to search the catalogue. There are also activities such as games, drawing, reading and maker-spaces that provide an alternative for children who prefer not to play outside.